Review MiuMiu2012 autumn and winter fashion show to grasp the trend of the season

The birth of Miu Miu is to paint one or two colors in the framework of Sven, making the Italian fashion show a lovely side. Miu Miu is the only young Italian vice line of the famous brand Prada. Miu Miu with light and light fabrics, such as cotton yarn, silk, etc., beautiful lines, simple style, less unnecessary decorative details, as a whole to undertake a Prada sense of simple style. But simple and simple, always Miu Miu style than Miu Miu more youth, color multi-color (Earthy tone), rarely use the main line of Prada's black, coupled with a lovely pattern, it will fade a little Prada mature Charm, for a public innocence of women with cute and wearable clothes. In 2012, MiuMiu held a fall / winter press conference in Paris' YELLA Palace. Let's review together and master the autumn and winter fashion trends.

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Product Type:
Microfiber hair towel
Nylon / Polyester
Fabric Type:
Plain Weave
Warp Knitting
Eco-Friendly, higher water absorption


Dry Hair Towel

Dry Hair Towel

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