Fabric furniture style and maintenance

Fabric furniture has a soft texture, and has the characteristics of being washable and changing cloth sleeves. It is very convenient and versatile in terms of cleaning and maintenance, and home decoration. In addition to the full fabric furniture, the cloth is often used in conjunction with rattan or paper fiber to make the user more comfortable and to make the color of the rattan and paper fiber more varied.

Fabric furniture style fabric furniture tends to be diversified due to the variety of fabrics and different styles. However, most of the fabrics presented by the fabrics are still warm and comfortable, corresponding to the touch of fabric furniture. American or European country furniture, often using floral or woven fabrics to create a natural, warm atmosphere, and other wood furniture, more excellent; Spanish classical style is also often brocade, gorgeous color or satin with satin The fabric is mainly used to show the noble temperament of the aristocracy; when the Italian style uses the fabric, it still does not deviate from its simple and generous design principles, often highlighting the individuality of the furniture itself with extremely vivid monochrome fabric.

Cloth furniture maintenance fabric furniture maintenance is very simple, new products purchased and each time you put on the cleaning cloth cover, first spray anti-fouling agent; usually cleaned with a vacuum cleaner; if there is dirt, immediate cleaning is the highest principle, with paper towels The dirt is removed and the remaining stains are removed with a foam cleaner. When cleaning the whole set, it is necessary to select the appropriate cleaning method according to the cloth quality. If the dry cleaning is required, do not wash it to prevent fading or shrinkage.

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