Rong Lan women's embroidery process and the perfect combination of fashion

As a woman, most want is a self-confidence, the pursuit of a happy, longing for a happiness. Ronglan the best, most beautiful, most confident of everything, embroidered on the clothes, so that this happy, beautiful, confident spread in the north-south.


Rong Lan is a life attitude, only to understand life, the pursuit of perfection, noble fashion services; Rong Lan spirit will guide China's fashion trend, the embroidery technology and fashion perfect combination and flourish; Ronglan interpretation of a life attitude , Into daily work, life and a variety of social occasions; in the design style, processing technology has its own characteristics, will eventually become the customer's only choice.

荣澜女装  潮绣工艺与时尚的完美结合

Rong Lan perfect embroidery process deduced on the clothing, while the use of exquisite accessories, so that products have a noble temperament. In the design and development efforts under the foot, the design elements of perfection, so that the audience is satisfied, naturally regarded as the ideal choice. Accurately grasp the positioning of clothing and the trend of the trend, to meet the market trend of popular and high-end customer requirements, the maturity of the elegance add a striking fashion. Rong Lan brand with all kinds of brand-name clothing market conditions, so that managers get a huge return.

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