Corona Corona is about to debut at the 2012 Shenzhen Fair

Shenzhen famous women's Corona Corona 2012 Shenzhen Trade Fair is about to shine debut. CORONA, a leading mid-to-high-end fashion brand in China, aims to create an international first-tier brand. Its design consultant is Walter Ma, Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association. In 2008, we invited Gigi Leung to sign a CORONA brand image. CORONA will gradually create International fashion industry's leading position.


Booth No .: Hall 2, 2E13-172F09-11

Time: July 8-10, 2012

Venue: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Fuhua San Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China)

Keluo Na targeted consumer groups in the pursuit of quality life 25-35-year-old woman. They are modern metropolitan women who pursue fashion and individuality. Minimalist, fashion and beauty is their pursuit of the state. This group of people do not care about the rotation of the years, but care about the quality of life and the health of mind. Free, multi-faceted, fickleness is their characteristics; advocating self, publicity personality, enjoy life is the main theme of their lives.


Colona tailored to these 25-year-old women 35-year-old fashion and leisure and fashion elegant two major themes to meet the needs of women in different occasions dress needs, fashion-conscious women, whether in work, dating, going out or Participate in the ball and so on, can find the most suitable clothes in Colona.

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