"Mishap" constantly such Weihuo do not understand

Weihuo = cheap, most people think so. A well-known clothing brand skirts selling six or seven hundred dollars in the mall, many people can accept, but once the brand into the Weihuo market, selling a hundred dollars we all feel expensive. Many people want Weihuo market want to bargain, but the business is not eating dry food, there is a saying "buy the fine did not sell," where you want to take advantage of merchants, consumers still need to continue to practice Caixing. "Give me a little cheaper and put a scrap of it." "Our prices here are all kept on the computer in the market, and we can not change the price ourselves." "Then give me some freebies, are there any socks and gloves? "" Sister, you see me this stall is full of clothes, socks and gloves there ah ... ... "If it is in the mall, such dialogue certainly will not appear because the mall will never bargain; if the ordinary clothing wholesale market If the business can not bargain, consumers may go without saying anything. But if it all happened in the Weihuo market, a place where consumers would want to be "cheaper" when they heard it, and businesses tried hard to manage it in a formal way, the conversation seemed to be heard every day. People do not understand such a Weihuo recently, known as the country's largest Tiantongyuan Tianlan Weihuo market opened in this living with hundreds of thousands of population Tiantongyuan community, the level of consumption in the medium, so the price of apparel Also favored, Tianlan Wei goods market opened, has attracted countless consumers into the purchase. "Clothing Times" reporter chose a weekend visit Tianlan Wei goods market and found that most of the goods here to footwear. In addition, women's wear, casual wear, men's clothing and bedding also account for a certain proportion. Many well-known brands such as red dragonfly, God willing, cats, Norman Qi, Golden Shield, open, Semir and other consumers are all familiar with them. After visiting more than ten minutes, "Clothing Times" reporter found the apparel brand roughly divided into two camps, one is "lower body", such as a Norman Qi T-shirt sold for 65 yuan, 130 yuan to sell pants, skirts to sell 220 Yuan, the price is cheaper than the mall price a lot. Another group is still "hold their heads high", such as Adenburg T-shirt price tag on the price of 395 yuan, the sales price is still 395 yuan. Obviously, the two factions are favored by many consumers. There is an endless stream of price-fixing and fitting-off, while the latter's counter is slightly deserted in the Weihuo Market. "Why this dress is not a trademark, there is no sign? Is this the clothes are fake?" A customer asked loudly the salesman, "Clothing Times" reporter looked with the sound and found the cat's counter here, the clothes collar All the trademarks are cut off, simply can not tell what brand of clothes in the end. The salesman explained that cutting off the mark was the symbol of Weihuo, and the reporter later found that the marks of the garments were cut off in several booths and appeared to be very "dilapidated." There is no trademark, no ingredients, no price and no washing instructions. The clothes become "three no products." Only one piece of white paper with the price written by the merchants is clipped on the clothes, which can not guarantee the quality of the clothes. Can not prove the "real" clothing, so many consumers prohibitive. Compared to the "three no clothes," so that consumers understand the Weihuo market a large number of cottage clothing and shoes are dumbfounding. In Tian Lan Wei goods market, you can see the trademark "YHBM" "BMW" shoes, sales staff holding the price of more than 100 yuan "BMW shoes" solemnly said: "We are the BMW car under the brand. Next to the pure store next to impressively stand a "clothing pure" counter, from English to LOGO, are very similar. After finishing a lap the reporter also saw the English name mess "Italian Pierre Cardin", the English name "abidas" Adidas and other cottage brands abound, do not know what foreign consumers to enter here Feelings. Qicheng consumers said they bought the tail clothing Unofficial visit is not difficult to find, Tiantongyuan Tianyuanwei sale of clothing there are many "flawed," but before its birth there are other Wei market has the same problem, Many people think of these problems so far, still "a little sad." In the joint survey conducted by the "Clothing Times" and the questionnaire star website, most of the respondents expressed their views on the tail market. When asked whether respondents bought things in Weihuo Market, 39.2% of respondents said they bought them many times because the Weiwei Clothing market was cheap, while 35.2% of respondents said they only bought once After that, 25.6% of the respondents indicated that the market of Wei market was too low-grade and never bought it for many reasons. Investigation down Reporters found that 74.4% of consumers are in Weihuo bought clothes, we can see Weihuo market has indeed led to some domestic demand. When asked how much money the respondents would spend on clothing and footwear in the tail market, 18.4% of respondents said they would only spend 10 yuan on tail wear and 38.4% would rather spend 10 to 50 yuan Wei Wei clothing; 31.2% of respondents said 50 yuan to 100 yuan Wei Wei clothing can be accepted. However, when the price was raised to 100 yuan to 300 yuan, only 8.0% of the respondents accepted it. When the price rose to 300 yuan to 500 yuan, the acceptable proportion of consumers dropped to 4.0%. Wei Huo Wei visible in the hearts of consumers, is indeed relatively cheap. When asking consumers what problems they think are now in the Weihuo market, 36.8% of consumers said that the brand is true or not, which makes people feel in doubt. 31.2% of the respondents said the model is outdated and ugly Can not wear out; 21.6% of the respondents questioned the quality of the Weihuo market, however, the problems can not be solved in time; 10.4% of consumers believe Weihuo market price is still a little expensive, if you can lower the better It's One side is the dissatisfaction with the low price, the other is the strict requirement on the quality of clothing. In the Weihuo market, buyers and sellers' "showdown" seems unable to "compromise." When investigating the quality problems of the clothes bought by the consumers who had bought the clothes at Weihuo Market, 36.0% of the respondents said they had problems with quality, faded, detached, and shrinking; 30.4% of the respondents Who Weihuo market unequaled, said the mall's clothes have quality problems, so Weihuo market clothing problems are normal. 21.6% of the respondents said in a straightforward way that the chart for buying tailings was cheaper and no quality problems were not called for Weihuo; 12.0% of respondents said without hesitation that the quality of the clothes they bought was good without any quality problems. Weihuo market to enhance their own credibility From the business point of view, the Weihuo market is indeed a good channel for sales of inventory days before Tianyuan Tianlan Weihuo market, Tianlan days Weihuo, Huilongguan Weihuo, Tongzhou Weihuo market, Tianhui Weihuo Wei Mall and other Weihuo markets also each occupy a square world, in a low-cost aura to attract all directions. However, low-cost can not be without quality, low price does not mean that fake brand-name allows arbitrary, low price is not equal to the name of Wei Huo signboard sales of defective products and inferior clothing. In the "Weihuo market management and technical specifications of the industry standard," expressly provides that Huo Wei should be "in terms of functionality, safety and other aspects of national standards related to the inventory of backlog of products," and "the market Weihuo goods should indicate the origin and production enterprises Or merchant name; export to domestic market to form the Weihuo, the market should be unified remarks in Chinese logo and description; import goods into the Weihuo market should have a declaration and inspection reports; entry trading agents or Weihuo trading should be There is a trademark registration certificate or trademark license. "If the Weihuo market there are still too many problems, I believe in the near future will make a lot of consumers abandoned. Therefore Weihuo market "change" so many people care. The quality of the goods supplied by Weihuo should be valued by the person in charge of the Weihuo market. Only by upgrading the quality of the Weihuo can the consumer be able to enhance the trust of the Weihuo, so that the Weihuo market can really stand its ground.

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