This summer men with must-have vintage sailing shoes

Ben Wang News on June 12th, fashion is a constant reincarnation, and there is also a rise in reincarnation --- sailing shoes, this represents the elite temperament and free and easy life attitude, once popular in Europe and America in the 1980s classic icon, in This year, it will return with a strong return and perform more creative changes. In addition to resort and leisure, it can also be used in offices, business afternoon teas and other occasions. It will become a must-have for this summer's trendy men, and will present a new season with a variety of trendy items. Both fresh and modern style.

StyleA Vintage Ocean Wind

Keywords: blue white sailing shoes + check shorts or light shorts + POLO shirt

Applicable occasions: seaside, resort leisure

The sailing shoes have always been a fashionable single item for the seaside vacation. It is perfect to interpret the retro ocean wind. We can use fashionable POLO shirts to replace the traditional retro bowling shirts, and then with khaki shorts, you can wear stylish retro taste, if you want a higher tone, you can use bright blue gridding shorts with a simple pattern of light POLO shirt. The classic blue and white design of the sailing shoes is easy to match, but also more oceanic.

Vintage ocean wind

Stripes and interesting fishbone motifs emphasize the thick nautical winds. The black stripes bring a sense of calmness. It also happens to echo the black and white fine-grained shorts. Together with the classic white sailing shoes, it conveys a fashionable retro atmosphere.

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