Li Ning was revealed to be CBA's main sponsor.

There have been previous reports that the CBA has signed a domestic sports brand for the new season. The amount of cooperation between the two parties is 250 million yuan in cash and 50 million in equipment costs each year. The news has now been further confirmed, but the amount is even higher. According to Netease special correspondent Zhang Wei Weibo, the sports brand is Li Ning. They completed a five-year contract with the CBA with a total amount of RMB 2 billion.

CBA is now a big money bag According to reports, Li Ning won the competition between Anta and Nike. After the end of last season, the contract between CBA and Anta has already expired. Li Ning took the opportunity to force and become The new "CBA only designated sports equipment."

5 billion for 5 years, which is equivalent to Li Ning’s annual contribution of 400 million sponsorship fees to the CBA. What kind of concept is this? According to the previous situation, in 2004, Anta became the clothing sponsor of the CBA. At the time, the amount of signing was 60 million for 3 seasons, equivalent to an average of 20 million each season. Now that eight years have passed, the amount of money between the two has turned 20 times.

In fact, the CBA competition began earlier this year when Anta’s contract was about to expire. In addition to Li Ning, Nike also joined. But the price Nike reported at the time was only 80 million per season, which is only 1/5 of the amount of Li Ning today. In the initial quotation, the prices of Li Ning and Anta have already broken 100 million.

The reason why such a high price is spent must be justified. Looking at the turnover of Anta in the past few years, we can see the clues. When we first cooperated with CBA in 2004, their annual turnover was 310 million. In the following years, the prices were: 670 million, 1.25 billion, and 2.98 billion. 4.63 billion, 5.87 billion, and 8.9 billion in 2011. This speed has almost doubled each year.

Li Ning, according to its internal high-level sources, they sell the best number of basketball shoes. In recent years, Li Ning has sponsored many of the national team's men's basketball costumes, including the famous Spanish and Argentina. When they spend large sums of money to enter overseas markets, they have been looking for opportunities to share a share of the domestic market.

But at the same time, there is also a problem that lies ahead of Li Ning. According to their 2011 annual report released in March this year, their gross profit for that year was 4.114 billion yuan, and net profit reached 386 million. Clearly, Li Ning is optimistic about the development space after the cooperation with the CBA, if only with the current sales, they are not enough to profit from.

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