OMNIALUO Ou Lanlan ladies Shanghai Meilong Town counter 2012 latest decoration shop image

Shenzhen Oriental Yishang Garment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996. Its brand OMNIALUO is the pioneer in developing Chinese designer brands. After more than ten years, it has grown into China's most successful women's designer brand, widely known as a Chinese intellectual woman. Favored, it is also a representative of Chinese fashion women's fashion designer brands that are popular in international and domestic mainstream fashion media.

OMNIALUO Ou Lanlan ladies Shanghai Meilong Town counter 2012 latest decoration shop image

OMNIALUO women's clothing currently has more than 100 chain stores in China, is located in China's major cities of first-class business district, Women's Wear is the most famous women's favorite brand of Chinese intellectual women. A more energetic and enterprising elite team is committed to the growth of OMNIALUO women's brand, has always uphold the "continuous innovation" concept, through the international platform of competition and exchanges, so that OMNIALUO Women's Women's Wear is more full of fashion and vitality. OMNIALUO OULANALUO Women Shanghai Shanghai Meilong Town Women's Opel Nunuo Women's Counter Re-adjustment in 2012, with a new look in front of the public, the Opel Nunuo Women's 2012 new winter set sail, OMNIALUO Women's Olympian women joined the topic: http://OMNIALUO/

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