Mira bear children's clothing, good mother preferred

Mira bear children's wear, a good mother preferred - from the Mira bear corporate culture. When we go forward quickly, vigorously develop, we clearly see that a children's wear brand, only the market-oriented, product-centric, in the true sense of success is the children's wear brand. Children's wear brand's mission, not just the surface, more importantly, the healthy growth of children a responsibility. Meilan bear children's wear, closely follow the international trend, leading the children's wear market in the domestic children's wear industry in a leading position, leading the children's wear industry, the direction of development, the Mira bear children's clothing, is fast, steady pace toward a new level and become Children's fashion children's clothing public spending leader, children's wear Mira bear, build the first brand of high cost-effective children's clothing, is now the hot investment, invites you to join. "Mira bear" is a set of independent development and design, professional production and sales of children's clothing brand. "Mira Bear" has a first-rate children's wear design center, bringing together the young and experienced design and development elite, regular visits to foreign countries in batches, keen to capture market information, always grasp the pulse of the market, to create casual and stylish personalized Children's wear. Design and development of products to Japan and South Korea as a popular element, combined with the characteristics of children in the East, the new style, style and more closely meet the market demand and fashion trends, products in short supply in the market. "Mira bear" team adhere to: win-win, integrity, innovation, mutual assistance spirit. "Mira bear" purpose: intentions to build China's children's wear brand! Mula Bear - Introduction: Mula Bear products in the development and design take full account of the healthy growth of children's needs, the choice of green fabrics, soft, washed, hot drilling and other processing procedures, reflecting the health of children, lively , Lovely features, reasonable combination of taking into account the convergence of the seasons, the introduction of knitting, woven, wool, cotton, jeans and other series, fully meet the store's product demand throughout the year. Excellent quality, mid-range price, fully meet the general consumer psychology. "Mira bear" purpose: intentions to build Chinese children's brand! "Mira bear" --- a good mother to choose! Mira bear, have you more exciting! Company Address: Xiamen Tongan District Meixi Siming Industrial Park, 31 Mira Street Building, 8th Floor Office Tel: 0592 -7116288 Contact: Manager Yan QQ: E-MAIL: [email protected] Website: www. hilahaha.com Mira Bear has you more beautiful Mira Bear children's wear invites you to join us

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