B, C goods jade is harmful to the human body?

With the development of society, more people have more pursuit and yearning for fashion. People who buy jade may buy B or C goods for various reasons. Ordinary consumers buy jade jade articles that are generally worn on the body. If you buy B or C goods, long-term wear on the body will not harm the body. Health?

According to this, Wang Chunyun, a well-known jade expert in the industry, said that the concept of B and C goods was proposed by Hong Kong's jade industry in the 1980s. In the 1990s, it was transmitted to the mainland. At that time, everyone thought that B goods and C goods are also jade, beautiful and cheap, and have collection value, but now some people say that B goods, C goods jade is harmful to the human body.

Wang Chunyun said that scientifically speaking, B goods and C goods are non-toxic. B goods and C goods jadeite is treated by strong acid corrosion, dyeing and resin soaking. It is obviously toxic to the technician during the production process, but after the market is put on the market, there is no strong acid on the surface, and the resin has been cured. harmless. The cured resin is similar to plastic, and it is harmless for long-term wear, but it is also useless.

However, in terms of value, B goods and C goods are second-class goods that have been processed manually. They do not have the collection value of natural A-car jade. Because they are cheap, they have a certain market share, but they must be indicated when they are sold. Otherwise, There is suspicion of fraudulent consumers.

Source: Xinjiang Hetian jade network.

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