Eve's temptation to love her in 2013 New Valentine's Day, to send her "Eve's temptation

Eve's temptation 2013 Valentine's Day new delicate smooth silk fabric, flashing a soft luster; beautifully shaped Leves lace, exudes the eternal charm of enamel; a pin-line handmade beaded embroidery, is tailor-made for you Ingenious and unique. The silk embroidery series combines the silk of the queen of the fiber and the lace of the "Leaves" of "Rolls" in the so-called lace. . .

Eve's temptation 2013 New Valentine's Day Love her and send her "Eve's temptation

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Eve's temptation 2013 Valentine's Day New

Delicate and silky silk fabrics shine with soft luster; beautifully shaped Leves lace exudes eternal charm; hand-stitched handmade beaded embroidery is tailor-made for you. The Silk Embroidered Series combines the silk of the Empress Queen with the "Leves" laces of the Rolls Royce, as well as the exquisite hand-made beading, to bring you ultimate luxury. The color is elegant with purple, charming red, mysterious charm of black, showing a gorgeous visual feast, put on the Valentine's Day "Eve's temptation" boutique underwear, will allow you to show the Queen-like noble Temperament, put him in a moment of "good killing."

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