Barcola spring new listing with color embellishment of a better life

Winter to spring, about to bid farewell to the bloated jacket, ushered in colorful spring and summer. Baccarat new listing, so that children into natural elf point, such as flowers embellishment of our lives, so beautiful color to accompany growth. A touch of light red, delicate embroidery, red-faced girl, like a peach blossoming in the spring breeze. Full of beautiful and compelling youthful vitality. Light purple lavender, a little fantastic feeling. Children like a parent's dream, then let this faint lavender, with a fantastic romantic, fairy tale-like feeling, I do not know which parents rounded a young dream. Each girl is a beautiful little princess, pale princess dress, like a hibiscus, lined with our beautiful little princess, tells the princess-like care. Beautiful nature is suitable for boys, colorful bright colors, to bring its sunshine confident, happy support, I do not know how to bring him different life adventure. Baccarat, beautiful children, decorate the family, let the parents love the care of children, let the children beautiful and beautiful our lives. Baccarat grows with the children and adds color to the child's good time.

100% Polyester Microfiber Fabric Dyed

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