Nine animal husbandry, business and leisure king refined tailoring men to create distinctive personality

Nine animal husbandry, Wang Men has always focused on men's trousers as the core of the high-end business casual men's strategic direction, committed to let men have cost-effective Seiko fashion clothing to meet different consumer needs in different places of wear. From the details to the tailoring process extends a new Style, the perfect winter jacket design, wearing a more warm, fit and comfortable. Button as the finishing touch of the entire garment is particularly important in the production of jackets, with high-density split tree branches buttons, wear-resistant, low-key, elegant, with laser LOGO filling noble qualities, smooth and smooth access zipper to ensure comfortable wearing , Do not fall off does not break. Unique texture of cotton coat, exquisite tailoring to create distinctive personality, showing the urban man neat style, giving the wonderful details comparable to the custom, silent shaping the style and grace of the king, the use of a large number of unique design in one, thoroughly Play a classic unbeaten charm, unique design of the contraction rope is more suitable for different body wear.

Embroidery Interlining

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