Memories of the good times this summer where grace fashion dress

By the end of the year again, the fashion aesthetically pleasing fashion has been filled with wardrobe, remember the dancing dress this summer with you spent the summer? Where grace women's fashion review, inventory 2012 spring and summer best-selling models dress, memories of this summer's good time together!

凡恩 - fine

Light and flexible nude color in this summer is a very hot color Oh, a touch of color always inadvertently exudes an aesthetic and sensual taste, layers of lotus leaf piled, fresh and stylish!

回忆今夏的美好时光 凡恩时尚连衣裙

Accompanied by the prevalence of retro style, wave color points battle each other, the sweet red polka dot dress, simple round neck dress in the soft wood ear decoration, it is elegant and elegant Oh

回忆今夏的美好时光 凡恩时尚连衣裙

In the summertime, always have a beautiful red dress, simple self-cultivation design, personalized ear cuffs design with black pendant, to create the most beautiful goddess.

Super Thin And Light Woven Fusible Interlining

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