Beautiful poetic fashion underwear fully demonstrated the perfect body shape

Yichang underwear Co., Ltd. was established in 1996, located in the old times of Puning City, Guangdong Province Shi Qiaotou Industrial Zone. More than 10 years of continuous pioneering and innovative, has now developed into a research and development, production and marketing in one of the modern professional underwear business. Committed to creating women "comfortable, healthy, curvy."


Companies from top to bottom unity and hard work hard, in accordance with the scientific management system throughout the entire production process, and keep up with advanced production technology at home and abroad, uphold high taste, parity bit of R & D philosophy, and strive to produce each product are stylish and elegant, comfortable , Intimate, and in accordance with the characteristics of women age, height and other characteristics, with the design of the human body curvilinear, after long-term try to improve the developed, can fully show the perfect posture of a woman. Create a number of popular professional women's underwear brand : "Gone with Love" ------ Elegant style love my life; "slave Ting" ------ good underwear * only for you; " beautiful poem " --- neo-americanism

美丽诗时尚内衣 充分展现女人完美体态

Beautiful poetry underwear a stress texture and the pursuit of temperament underwear brand. Clothing advocating natural health, the overall sexy luxury reveals a simple low-key, under the natural cut lines embodies the feminine. At the same time beautiful poetry underwear is very stressed underwear wearing comfort, she chose the material very picky, expensive high-tech materials and comfortable natural materials perfect combination, giving the wearer the feeling of ease without pressure.

The ice cream bowl made of crystal glass, it is dishwasher safe. There are many different kinds of designs in our factory for your choice. We also can do any colors according to your request. Welcome to contact us and we would like to provive more details.Such as Glass Ice Cream Cup.

We have thousands of diffrent molds for your selection, we also could  customize glass Ice Cream Bowls according to your design, and we could do diffrent effects including solid color, spraying color, electroplating, ion-plating, logo engraving and printing, liquid luster and hand-drawing.

Ice Cream Bowls

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