Iraq's beauty underwear Foshan joined Lan Lan joined the business sense


4 million: Gender: Female Age: 30 years of experience: 5 years joined Time: August 30, 2007, the shop area: 20 square meters investment

Address: Foshan City, Guangdong Province Rent: 1500 yuan / month

After graduating from high school, like many girls of my age, I came to work in a big city with my dream. Since I did not have a good diploma, I could only do the dirtiest and most tired work in the factory. At first I felt quite good. Although I was bitter, Relaxed more, but also received a monthly salary on time, such a life after two years, but also to get married, with the arrival of children after marriage, feeling more and more nervous home economy, life pressure through the people through the However, due to working for many years has accumulated a bit of money, my husband and I discuss their business, so that both take good care of children, you can make money, just started looking for the network every day, no venture experience is also afraid of being cheated, Why not open underwear shop, awakened the dream, I was working in the electronics factory, the factory has more than 2,000 people, 90% are 18-30 -year-old woman, and her husband in the garment factory management, the factory also has more than 500 people , Many fellow nearby is my work brought out from hometown, their factory size is not small, a few years have done managerial positions, this is my open underwear shop The best resource, and we are the closest town to the industrial area 6 km, bus developed, the entire industrial area of more than 20,000 people, there is no lingerie shop nearby, work overtime every day, there is no time to go shopping, since the decision to start action, with close to twenty thousand I rented a 20-square-meter shop, began to look for the brand, investigated several lingerie brand , compare that after Iraq's US- underwear is more suitable, the price is not high, very good quality, conditions for joining lower than their peers, when signing, getting goods manufacturers require a minimum of 20,000 for the first time, but after I rented a shop on the left hand 20,000 yuan, but also the decoration shop, how can 20,000 purchase, I went to the headquarters of the United States in Iraq twice, did not give I signed a contract, the third time, may be my sincere move Iraq's beauty, after signing the contract, I use 6,000 yuan to decorate the shop, 12,000 yuan purchase, before I opened the print promotional materials, so my husband and colleagues, fellow to each factory Dormitory distribution, business day opening unusually popular, to all friends, fellow countrymen, colleagues to join, I also know that to win their permanent return, only to provide cheap products, sincere Service, so there is no customer, to organize the goods, cleaning, check every product in the store, the product will not be sold to customers in question, a few years, because my underwear shop is extremely hot, have also opened in the vicinity More than a dozen underwear brand stores, but their business is still not my good, because I use the sincerity to win customers back, I hope my experience can help to start a business friend

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