Colored sapphires, colored sapphires

When it comes to sapphire, most people immediately think of blue, like the blue color of the sea. However, in addition to the beautiful blue color, sapphire has a huge branch - colored sapphires. In recent years, more and more big-name jewels have appeared in the design of colored sapphires. In the rare and precious jewelry market, we not only marvel at its beauty, but also see the huge appreciation space of colored sapphires in the future. .

What is a colored sapphire?

Color sapphire (FancyColored Sapphire) is a general term for commercial corundum gemstones other than red and blue gems. Its chemical composition is corundum, hardness is 9, the basic chemical composition is aluminum oxide, which is the hardest natural mineral on earth except diamond.

The multicolored colors of colored sapphires are by no means inferior to blue, and sometimes even more rare. The popular color sapphires currently on the market are: yellow, bright orange, lavender, purple and blue-green. Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and other countries have a variety of colored sapphires. Due to the color of colored sapphires, in recent years, it has become more and more popular among consumers in the international market, especially in Japan and Europe.

Color of sapphire

Lotus Sapphire Padparadscha

The most famous and precious of the colored sapphires is the powder orange sapphire produced in Sri Lanka - Padparadscha. Some people in the country call it Padma Corundum. In Sri Lankan, it means "Lotus", which stands for holiness and life. The color of this gemstone is pink and orange at the same time. The two colors complement each other and are very charming. If any of these colors are missing, they cannot be called Padparadscha. Not only is Padparadscha very rare, but Sri Lankans are particularly fond of it and are reluctant to export, making the number of such rare stones into the international market even less, and the chances of seeing it in the country are almost zero. Related reading: Chao Hongji Jewelry: September birthday stone sapphire, smashed in perfection (Figure)

Pink sapphire

Pink sapphire is one of the fastest growing gemstones in recent years, and consumers in countries such as Japan and the United States are extremely enthusiastic about it. The color of the pink sapphire is lighter than that of the ruby, and the color saturation is not very high. It is a delicate and fresh pink, but it is not very rich. In the color sapphire family, its price is second only to Padparadscha, and the quality is tens of thousands per carat, but if the color has obvious brown and gray, the value will be greatly reduced.

Orange sapphire

The orange sapphire looks very beautiful too, and if the orange is bright and slightly reddish, it is very popular. Its beauty is not inferior to that of Padparadscha, but because the output is more than Parpardscha, the price is not as expensive as the former, but the price is much higher than the green and purple sapphire.

Sunset red sapphire

This gemstone has a deep orange-colored mixture, like the sunset red in Africa (some people say Rising Sun). The world's only sunset red sapphire mine is located in Sangja, and the Manshu Valley area is the main mining area, so they are also known as sangha sapphire. The discovery of the sunset red sapphire made Sangja the second gem mine in Tanzania after Marilyn (produced in Tanzania).

White sapphire

The ancient Egyptians connected the white sapphires to the sun god Horus, which illuminates everything, while the Greeks connected her with the god Apollo and prayed to God at the Temple of Delphi. The ancient Greeks mined white sapphires on the island of Naxos in the Aegean Sea. The white sapphires are known for their purity. She is free of iron, chromium, titanium and any other trace elements of metals. She is independent of pure white, bright and shiny, and diamonds. The same became popular.

Purple sapphire

Purple sapphire is a sapphire variant of vanadium and chromium with a beautiful purple, purplish red or violet color called purple sapphire. Most of the purple sapphires in the annual production are small purple sapphires below one carat, less than 3% above one carat, so it is difficult to find in domestic and international markets, and resources are extremely scarce.

Green sapphire

The green corundum gemstones were thought to be emeralds in the 19th century and green in the form of iron, cobalt and vanadium. For all corundums, the green sapphire has the best luster, and the particle quality rarely exceeds a few carats. Green sapphire prolific in Tanzania.

How to choose colored sapphires

In fact, as long as the color sapphire of any color is bright and rare, it is inevitable that people are loved. The value is high and natural. These sapphires, which have the dreamlike colors of fireworks, are less popular than red and sapphires, but more and more people have begun to join the ranks that love and collect them.

In general, the color sapphire with good clarity and vivid color has a higher price. If the color is in the soft tonal range, the clarity must be good, otherwise the inclusions or flaws will become noticeable. The gemstone industry usually loves only a few qualities. Cutting is also extremely important for light-colored stones, which must be balanced to reflect back to the surface of the stone. But if it's a dark gem, cutting is not that critical, because the color will fully manifest itself. No matter what color, sapphire's excellent durability and beauty are enough to be favored and admired by people.

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