Rich bird Men 2015 autumn new tasting grand opening

January 29, the rich bird Men Autumn 2015 new tasting in Xiamen headquarters grandly held. "The future of wealthy birds not only needs to develop good products, but also to tap the cultural values ​​that can reflect the products, enhance the international image of Chinese men from the inside out and create the cultural connotation of" oriental elegance, fame and fortune, wealth and spirit "and build China Cultural dress, at the same time the benefit of people, achievements, so that every man wearing a rich bird men in China more happier. " The release of Mr. Hung Hui-huang, President of Bucai bird Men's Wear, brings a magnificent momentum to the opening of the Tasting Club, further explaining the rich Chinese culture, rich culture, gentleman's culture and wedding culture of Fuguiniao and expressing the brand strategy of Chinese gentleman who is rich and unique. In order to promote the implementation of China's gentleman brand strategy, in 2015, the parent company will focus on product and channel upgrades, make breakthroughs in wedding suits, gentleman product promotion and customization, etc. Mr. Zhu Qunbo, director of marketing channels, said 2015 Year As China's garment industry is maturing, China will enter a key year of industrial restructuring and upgrading. The rich and powerful birds will take the opportunity to return to the nature of their products, study consumer needs, and develop a Chinese gentleman image that is different from the market. product.

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