Jade knowledge about long and long water

The jade knowledge of long and long waters should start from the formation of jade. The conditions for the formation of jadeite are very demanding. This requires a temperature between 550 ° C and 580 ° C and a pressure of approximately 30,000 atmospheres. Therefore, in the daily process of wearing jade, the environmental conditions are basically under normal temperature and pressure. In theory, it is impossible for jade to change in water and color, that is, we often say long and long. Jade knowledge of water. So why is there a saying that the jade will grow green?

In fact, long color and long water are actually because after long-term wear, the oil secreted by the wearer's skin can be immersed in the surface of the jade in a small amount, so that the transparency of the jade surface is slightly improved. Correspondingly, the color of the jade will look more flexible, which is the real reason for the jade water and color change.

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