Sweet wedding season your bridesmaid dress right bridesmaid wear what good clothes

More and more sisters marry around, especially at the end, it is set off a wave of marriage. When get get girlfriends invited you to do the information of bridesmaids, to be prospective bridesmaid you are thinking: how the girlfriends get married the day, wearing a decent and unconventional?


White - elegant and unobtrusive

Detail handmade crystal beads decoration, delicate and beautiful! The perfect combination of luxury and femininity, be a fresh and elegant bridesmaid.

甜蜜婚礼季你的伴娘装穿对了吗  伴娘穿什么衣服好

Purple - romantic and charming, decent and generous

Light and elegant chiffon + beautiful hand-made three-dimensional flowers embellishment, filled with romantic atmosphere.

甜蜜婚礼季你的伴娘装穿对了吗  伴娘穿什么衣服好

Red - rendering lively atmosphere

Into the traditional red festive atmosphere, stylish chic yo!

In short, as a bridesmaid, it is best not to choose the formal occasions to wear evening dresses, so as not to overwhelm. Choose a simple style, the color is not too fancy.

Figure Source: Eighteen Ladies Square brand women

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