Tea crystal function

Although tea crystal is the most common and ordinary one in crystal, the effect of tea crystal has obvious adjustment effect on the wearer's psychology and physiology, and it is a well-deserved health crystal.

The steady emotion of the efficacy of tea crystal

Tea crystal energy is very stable, so for friends with emotional ups and downs, it is suitable to wear tea crystal bracelet to stabilize the body's energy, so that the wearer can maintain a stable environment, so that the wearer gives people a sense of security.

The efficacy of tea crystals

Tea crystal is a very good amulet, because tea crystal can absorb the negative energy of the human body, especially the turbidity and illness, which can enhance the wearer's own magnetic field, so that the bad magnetic field around the wearer is not Being able to get close to the wearer, if the tea crystal bracelet is worn on the left hand, it can filter out the outside air and disease.

The effect of tea crystals regulates gynecological diseases

For female friends, tea crystal corresponds to the bottom of the human body, which can help female friends to adjust the deficiency of blood and help women friends to strengthen gynecological diseases. Natural tea crystals can also enhance the immunity of female friends and activate the human body. Cells, restore the youth of women, have a good effect of rejuvenation, if long-wearing can also enhance the taste of women.

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