Identify the price of the jadeite magpie

As a mascot of traditional culture, the price of jade magpies is influenced by the three elements of jade quality, engraving and style design. Among them, style design is a relatively important factor, because the different styles of design, the expression of happy events are completely different.

Pay special attention to this when identifying the price of the jadeite magpie. If it is a pattern that a couple wants to fly, or a pattern of a ternary that the student prefers, there is a big difference between the two. In general, our principle of engraving is: the higher the quality of jade, the more simple style should be designed to reduce the consumption of raw materials. However, the jade magpie needs a rich pattern to express a good meaning. Therefore, the raw materials of Jadeite are basically selected from the middle and low grades. The price will naturally not be high, mainly between several thousand yuan and several tens of thousands.

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