coozic-Ke Nike Fashion Women mixed in with elegant sophistication casual temperament

From the Italian fashion center coozic-Ke Nike lock 25-38 years old urban women in the new century, its products, fashion, the atmosphere, the pursuit of creative design point but not complicated, the pursuit of product interoperability and wearing comfort, But mixed with elegant, sophisticated temperament.


Printed dress, your wardrobe ready yet? And before the small fresh look different is the maturity of the blue color embellishment more elegant feminine charm, A compact version of the maximum highlight the female curvaceous.

coozic-珂妮卡时尚女装  休闲中混透着优雅精致气质

Casual white chiffon shirt beam into the denim step skirt, office OL commuter loaded is another form of color depth of a shallow, in stark contrast to the use of slits before the cut skirts, even more fashion, trend.

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