Sun Dechun & Feng Sansan: every move and a quiet show of different fashion and fun

Huayi News: On June 19th, 2020 Shengze Fashion Week entered its fourth day, "Wonderful Games"-Sun Dechun Children's Wear Conference and "Dutch"-Hantong Feng Sansan Conference at 13:30 Held in the Dongfang Textile Fashion Release Hall. The independent children's clothing designer brand and women's high-end ready-to-wear conference were unveiled in sequence. Dangku kid collided with high-end women's clothing, moving and quietly, performing different fashion fun.

Sun Dechun: Children's "Wonderful Games"

Sun Dechun children's clothing brand is mainly for children from 4 to 12 years old. Through fun, joyful and colorful products and a brand experience full of surprises, it leaves consumers with more imagination space and constantly inspires and releases the exploration and curiosity of children.

The theme of Sun Dechun's 2020 Shengze Fashion Week is "Cool kid's wonderful sports games, focusing on wonderful equipment." The designer took a new season of "wonderful sports games" children's clothing and staged a "fashionable story" about the sports games in the Dongfang City Fashion Publishing Hall.

As a new generation after 95, Sun Dechun is the designer who has no generation gap with "children". The biggest feature of his children's wear series is that he strives to dig out the fun of children's wear while taking into account the needs of functions. From the perspective of children and wearing psychology, the external contradiction of "good wear" and "good-looking" is perfectly resolved, and the embarrassment of "no-use" clothing is eliminated, and the original children's clothing is preserved with open innovation and courage. Character: fun and safe.

China's top ten fashion designer Sun Dechun interviewed

"I hope the children will not be Disney's little princesses, but to be super cool future stars, who can have their own way of dressing and dressing style." Sun Dechun said in the interview.

The release maintains the consistent "sprouting" and "energetic" style, allowing the designer's "spring" to sway on the children's playground, warm, positive, fashionable and full of courage. Sun Dechun believes that sports is the most real and effective way for children to contact the world. Children's sportswear must create as much space as possible for children and encourage them to "extravagantly" touch the fresh world, while supporting them with mature production technology. And design ingenuity to protect children's safety.

This release series still adopts the "bold and dazzling" style in the use of colors. It combines the fluorescent green and fluorescent yellow colors in contemporary art with purple, orange, green, and white. The bright and highly saturated colors can both Returning children to the "childhood standard", while also strengthening the safety during exercise, are more susceptible to parental protection and supervision in a state of high recognition.

In order to allow children to exercise more safely, the designer has made meticulous innovations in the clothing structure, such as the back zipper design of the jumpsuit, the drawstrings at the waist, cuffs and trouser legs have added adjustment functions and the use of wrinkles The innovation of foldable wear makes the clothing more conform to the human body's wearing form, and at the same time meets the children's sports habits to meet the needs of slack and moderate wearing.

In terms of fabric reconstruction, the process of releasing paper printing is adopted to break the matte texture of the original fabric, adding gloss and wear resistance, waterproof, breathable, light and thin features.

"The choice of these functional fabrics is also based on my understanding of the daily lives of children. Children like to make trouble and jump, so when I choose fabrics and structure design, I will focus on the comfort of their wear and let the children It is convenient for activities during daily wear." When talking about the choice and application of fabrics, Sun Dechun told us that "clothing designers cannot do without fabrics. Fabrics are the main component of our design and the main direction of our design ideas. And we all know , Shengze is the domestic Lingxiaodian fabric industry cluster, here has the most advanced and cutting-edge fabric information, there are many professional fabric companies in the local area, they are very willing to help the designer. This time the big show, I and many outstanding Sheng Ze fabric companies cooperated, they provided me with a lot of fabric inspiration, and helped me complete this big show together. In the next quarter, I will continue to have more in-depth contact and cooperation with Shengze local fabric companies. "

At the same time, the series released this time also includes sports illustrations hand-painted by the designer himself, such as swimming or running track, which is vivid and full of childlike. It is worth mentioning that Sun Dechun also boldly made style innovations, combining sports and light dresses to bring children a sense of ritual and curiosity in sports.

"Who is not curious baby + ice queen." Sun Dechun laughed.

Sun Dechun believes that children's clothing is not an element of formatting, nor is it only pursuing safety and practicality, nor is it impossible to break through the original styles and styles. Childhood is our most courageous, curiosity, and purest stage. Children should try more interesting possibilities under the premise of safety and comfort, especially when exercising, embracing the world and being warmed by the world.

At the end of the interview, Sun Dechun emphasized: "Under the premise of ensuring safety and comfort, maintain a state of innovation and always give them new and interesting things. In this way, consumers will choose you whether they are facing the epidemic or other difficulties!"

Breaking through ourselves and being inspired by tradition, whenever we are, we should start like a child, try our best to be “fashionable”, exhaust all the courage, and always be happy like a child.

FENGSANSAN Feng Sansan : Lianben is arrogant, not muddy

Lao Zi said: "The Dao gives birth to one, one gives birth to two, two gives birth to three, and three gives birth to all things." The brand concept originates from the foundation of all things, regards the millennium Chinese civilization as the soul, and is integrated into every piece of clothing. Taking "Inclusive", "Vientiane" and "Culture" as the starting point of thinking, and combining local ethnic groups, folk culture and intangible cultural heritage as the direction of new product development, it aims to highlight Chinese culture and promote national spirit.

The theme of the FENGSANSAN women's high-end ready-to-wear conference for 2020 Shengze Fashion Week is "he". Lianben was arrogant and not muddy. Inspiration comes from lotus, taking the meaning of "lotus", which means three chapters of "early lotus", "sheng lotus" and "residual lotus", and to show the three different stages of life.

// Chuhe

When the lotus blooms first and everything is updated, all the beauty comes from the gift of nature. The digital printing is combined with different texture fabrics and completed in the form of "pair of flowers", so that the overall clothing is both correct and harmonious. At the same time, the combination of simple design style and bright colors makes the clothing more marketable and fashionable.

// Sheng He

All good things will usher in its peak, that is, peace, ease, not vigorous, only the yearning for free life, it is a pursuit of a realm, transcending material, separating the soul and body, to find the true self. The clothing makes full use of the characteristics and texture of the fabric, adopts three-dimensional cutting and pure hand-made, and integrates the clothing and the fabric into one, which is natural.

// Residual lotus

The days after the glory are not decadent, but rest and recuperation and the desire for new life and energy accumulation. When the next flowering period, you will still be in full bloom, and life is exactly the same. Only those who continue to pursue their dreams can live more calm and persistent. That is the understanding and continuous exploration of life, and it is also the character and character of "Lotus". The clothing adopts the "Zen" pictorial technique and adopts three-dimensional cutting, and uses the "wrapping style" technique to make the clothing more rhythmic and straightforward.

Clothing integrates different craftsmanship and design directions. It uses hand weaving, three-dimensional weaving, three-dimensional cutting, digital printing, beading, etc., and adopts a "parent-child" design scheme to make the clothing style richer and have brand characteristics.

The fabrics used in the whole show also made the audience shine! Blended fabrics derived from natural tencel, linen, viscose fibers, and natural fibers with different texture effects, under the interpretation of the life colors in the three stages of the "lotus", the elegant and elegant charm and beauty are blooming. Or elegant, or stiff effect, perfectly present the postures of lotus flowers, leaves and branches. Designer Feng Sansan, who was dressed in environmentally-friendly fabrics on the stage, was also using actions to "stand" for environmentally friendly fabrics.

Shen Hanyong, Chairman of Wujiang Hantong Textile Co., Ltd., was interviewed

"Green and environmentally sustainable is the current hot spot and the inevitable trend in the future. Environmentally friendly fabrics and natural fabrics can be said to be our key directions." As a partner of this big show and a fabric provider, Wujiang Hantong Textile Co., Ltd. Chairman Shen Hanyong told us in an interview after the show, "Through this show, we have learned a lot! On the one hand, the government has provided such a good opportunity and platform for us to show ourselves; on the one hand, in cooperation with Teacher Feng , Mr. Feng has made a lot of improvements to our fabrics, making us more in line with international fashion trends, not only let us see the multiple possibilities of our fabrics, but also let us see our own shortcomings, and develop new fabric belts for our future Here comes a whole new inspiration."

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