Zhuo Victoria music fashion children's clothing to the baby infinite dream

Sogni kids Pursuit of product fashion, classic, color fashion, Zhuo Wei Clothing Co., Ltd with many years of market experience and for domestic demand. Children's clothing tailored for 1-12 year-old urban babies. Sogni kids (Zhuowei Le children's clothing) the pursuit of each baby to wear more comfortable, more beautiful, infinite dream to the baby. The dreams of the little ones bring their hands-on skills. Will make them more imaginative, they will become the genius of parents. Simple design techniques, outlines the fashion, generous effect. Let our baby sing the childhood, in the fashion of urban life to add infinite imagination. Baby happy is the vision of Zhuowei dress all day colleagues. Hong Kong Zhuowei Dress Co., Ltd. Contact: Mr. Ao Tel: Mobile: QQ: Official Website: Guangzhou Zhuowei Dress Co., Ltd. Address: Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Zhuowei Business Building

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