Tiger Nicole children's clothing 2013 summer beach tide Enjoy the seaside style

Imagine enjoying the breeze from sea breeze to our immense seaside. What a pleasure to enjoy the refreshing sea breeze, how barefoot can be enjoyed on the soft sand beach The family go to the beach to bathe the sun. Blue sky and white clouds, sea and sky phase, this is where the dream started. Fluorescent green white T-shirt simple and generous, and eye-catching, and then with a style loose casual jeans pants, absolute comfort and generous. The little girl favorite small broken flowers, chiffon yarn light elegant, elf pleasant. Summer blue, white and green will always bring a touch of cool, cool-colored T-shirt plus a pair of jeans, barefoot running on the beach immediately there will be a smart feeling. In 2003, the good tiger (Hong Kong) Garments Co., Ltd. will be its brand "tiger Nicole" authorized in Shenzhen obedient Tiger Garments Co., Ltd. in mainland China manufacture and sale of services for children aged 3-16 years. Since the obedient Tiger Garments Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City will be "tiger Nicole" since the launch of the market. It takes the design as the soul, actively implements the brand strategy, keeps the continuous, rapid and healthy momentum of development with market orientation, and forms excellent brand culture and business philosophy in a short period of time and creates extraordinary performance.

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