Macassini MARCCASNE Men's Summer Tide hit makes you more "color"

MARCCASNE Men's top fashion designer to create the perfect, uphold the European fashion design concept, with the international fashion elements, simple, stylish, sexy, MARCASNE (MARCCASNE) has always been fashion, environmental protection, creativity as a Brand core values, advocating elegant attitude to life, adhere to the personal line, the pursuit of natural simplicity of style, style cylinder self-cultivation, the line stream, it is pleasing to the eye. Deep blue polo shirt, collar and cuff black stitching adds a sense of quality but also enriched the visual experience, the upper right and lower left of the graffiti patterns and a little more a sense of the young jump. With full texture of the white jeans, light pull pants, yellow flip flops and the waist belt revealed the summer cool. Still a blue POLO shirt, different from the previous one simple. In the body to add printing elements, little bits of printing, like the seagull in the sea, giving a sense of tranquility. Yellow, white, pink, or more decorated between the more. Blue is more wild colors, and what pants with a good choice.

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