Zhou Fang, who changes N sets of clothes in one episode, wears inspiration for your workplace

It has to be said that "Happiness, within reach" is different from the conventional overbearing president who fell in love with the silly and white sweet routine, but instead staged a battle for the audience. In the play, Zhou Fang and Song Rin are always intimate with each other in terms of love and career.

And the rhythm of the whole drama is not procrastinating. This is largely due to the character set of Zhou Fang. Pursue the realization of self-worth. The independent female temperament of her once caused the hot topic of #放式人生#.

About #放式人生#Everyone has their own understanding. She may be beautiful and elegant, she may be gentle and gentle, or she may be persistent. The reason why Zhou Fang in the play was able to create the original brand TKY SHOP she dreamed of was precisely because she believed in the reward of hard work and always insisted on the realization of self-worth.

However, TKY SHOP is not only the dream of Zhou Fang in the play. In reality, TKY SHOP is also based on the concept of Truly keep yourself, to encourage women to achieve themselves, to achieve dreams, to achieve independence and authenticity.

In the show, Zhou Fang, as a designer, shows different stages of self-personality with different shapes in an episode. Today we will look at Zhou Fang's fashion attitude through the fashion wear of Zhou Fang.

In the fourth episode, she revived from the shadow of breaking up, and she put into a working state with a blue elegant shirt, not arrogant.

The blue shirt of TKY SHOP has a small lapel design, simple atmosphere, and the details are neatly cut. The fabric is comfortable and skin-friendly. The design of the drop shoulder sleeve gives it a freedom to get rid of the shackles and to pursue self and randomness. The light blue sky also brings a touch of tranquility and elegance.

The collision of blue and white plaid is just like Zhou put on the balance between career and love, she can be very gentle, but never weak; she can be very decisive, but never blindly follow.

As a regular selection of fashion people, the small check shirt is made of TKY SHOP's checked shirt made of cotton. The loose version not only adds a touch of sloppyness. The blue and white in the lines also struck a stiff and soft attitude.

The neckline bow design is naughty and elegant, and the three-dimensional and layering of the entire shirt are also balanced.

V-neck knitted vest, simple and calm design also tells her leisurely attitude to life. In the face of all setbacks and failures, although she seemed to be calm, she never flinched or was timid.

Under the khaki package, there is a flamboyant personality. The V-neck design adds a touch of simplicity to the simplicity. Working with the shirt in the workplace is more serene and elegant, yet clean and neat.

Casual lazy sweater, calm and feminine. Just like Zhou Fang, who is fully devoted to work, she is capable and beautiful.

The low-key beige, simple texture, more gentle French romance. With the floral dress of the same color, there is a little sweetness in the gentleness, and a bit of frankness in the sweetness.

Just like Zhou Fang, he dared to express his true self, demonstrated his independent personality, and never succumbed to others' evaluation of her.

The neat and simple short suit, the shoulder pad design is very wide and stylish, bringing more confidence. With the loose version of the wide-leg trousers, in the unified vision of the putty powder, it hides a quiet and innovative attitude, and with the fresh And pleasure brings a little romance.

Zhou Fang in the play with her calm and atmosphere, focus and perseverance, let us see the appearance of independent women. In the same way, TKY SHOP, who speaks for independent women, believes that softness can also depict another kind of power. Perhaps women are confident and beautiful when they bravely express their true self and work hard for themselves, rather than shouting and crying.

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