Poipoilu celebrates the June 1 celebration of "Happy Childhood. Dreams Flying."

Summary: "61" Children's Day is approaching, Zhejiang Bubbler Garments Co., Ltd. hand in Shaoxing Education Bureau, Shaoxing Art Museum to celebrate Children's Day, on May 29, 2012 in Shaoxing City Square jointly held a "happy childhood Flying dreams "large-scale theme activities. On the occasion of the June 1 Children's Day, Zhejiang Bubbler Garments Co., Ltd. joined hands with Shaoxing Municipal Education Bureau and Shaoxing Art Museum to celebrate Children's Day. On May 29, 2012, they jointly held a Happy Childhood in Shaoxing City Square. Dream "large-scale theme activities. This event has Zhejiang Bubbler clothing planning and preparation for the entire event, the theme of the activity is to highlight the children of the United States, the art of happy interpretation, to cultivate children actively participate in activities, and actively create, integrate into the teamwork awareness, show their versatility, Reflect the happy childhood, so that children's own childhood dreams can be displayed through their own songs and colored pencils, so that their childhood dreams to fly. At the same time the company to participate in the activities of children well-designed clothing, set prizes gifts. This activity is highly praised by Shaoxing Bureau of Education, art galleries, kindergartens, news media and people from all walks of life. Bubble dress will continue to focus on the healthy growth of children as always. Children's writing activities with the theme of singing to show their childhood dreams Zhejiang Bubbler Garments Co., Ltd. Profile: Zhejiang Bubbler Garments Co., Ltd. () owns a large and complete related resources. The company has knitted fabrics manufacturing plants, knitted fabrics printing and dyeing factory, knitted garment factory, garment printing factory, a total of eight factory-one garment enterprises, the company employs more than 1,000 people, the annual output value of more than 350 million. Designed specifically for 3-12-year-old children, specifically for children's clothing habits carefully crafted, the combination of campus sports style fashion personality. Poipoilu (Bubbler) as an international children's clothing brand, every season in line with cutting-edge trend, unique and innovative style introduced. Therefore, the "favorite is not the same" is the bubble snake snake every product designed to take full account of environmental comfort and health, in the production of excellence, with excellent quality. Truly love the children with good texture of the clothes. Children of creation Poipoilu (Bubbler) brand is born in Paris, France, a distinctive children's clothing brand. Pois' is French "dot" or "little green beans". 'Poilu', it is "furry" meaning. Therefore, Poipoilu refers to "furry little bit." Like Bubbler's, the Bubbler's Logo is a furry, furry little monster that's cute, witty, brave and fun all over. Poipoilu children's wear apparel introduced rapid development in mainland China, the company in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai area development key shopping centers more than 30 outlets, joining the momentum is also very fast, more than six months to establish a sales network in east China, southwest of Chongqing as the center of sales network, Central China to Henan as the center of sales network, North China to Hebei as the center of sales network. Poipoilu invites the majority of children's clothing operators to join poipoilu clothing, children's clothing development of their own career at the same time for the majority of children perform different childhood. Contact Information Company Name: Zhejiang Bubbler Garments Co., Ltd. Brand Name: France Bubble Poipoilu Tel: (Manager Yang) Fax: Address: Tao Yan Street, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, 70 Next) Brand Website: http://

Gold Coins

Gold Coins are the most valued metal coins. It is made by real gold, and packed in a high class packaging, like velvet bag or wood box. 

We are a 12 years' manufacturer of gold coins, and can help you creat the coins you want professionally. 

Item Name: Gold Coins
Material: Gold.
Size: Customized.
Accessory: N/A

1) Firstly, you give us an existing sample, or send us the artwork in vector formats, like .ai / .cdr / .eps
2) We do Molding / Tooling, accoring to your artwork
3) We do Die casting / Die Struck
4) We do Polishing
5) We do Engraving.
6) We do Filling colors (if there are)
7) We do Packing.

8) We do Shipping to you, or to your customer.

Packing options: velvet bag, wood box, or other customized methods.

Production time: 5 to 7 days for samples; 5 to 10 days for mass production.

Price: us$1000 to us$5000 each piece, depending on your design, quantity and requirements.

Payment Terms: Western Union, Bank Wire.

Gold Coins

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