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SPORTICA (Spokane) originated in a clothing store near Wall Street, initially only for the nearby white-collar financial institutions to customize the design, as the design style is more and more popular, due to the power of word of mouth Also SPORTICA (Spokane) in the Wall Street practitioners small and medium famous, not only gradually attracted more orders, but also for the most customers for the investment company boss, financial tycoon and so on. In 1983, SPORTICA (Spokane) designers moved from Wall Street to Hollywood, began custom costumes for the Hollywood star. SPORTICA (Spokane) contact and feel the culture is diverse, because of its design concept of both Wall Street and Hollywood sensibility, is the most authentic portrayal of American culture, is the true reflection of life and psychology, whether in the community Which class of men, they are contradictory, such as the unity of opposites of rationality and sensibility, conformity with rebellion and perverse unity of opposites, strict conscientious and indomitable unification opposites. SPORTICA (Spoiled card) is not demanding the division of the boundaries between tradition and fashion, popular implication lies in implication from the American culture and fashion trends, design personality is to meet the conflicting characteristics of different men's personality, SPORTICA Fashion as the abscissa, the vertical axis of the individual, the interaction of various dimensions of the index system designed to give many men the choice of many styles in the SPORTICA (Spokane) clothing world can find their own personality Attribution. SPORTICA (Spokane) is a man's clothing consultant, with the concept of clothing index (INDEX) to explain to men the meaning of each design. SPORTICA (Spokane) in China's performance is very good, is "the world's top ten net goods brand", "China's top ten network clothing brand", "the best brand network operators."

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