Ya Geme Dai interpretation of a new generation of active in the fashion city of female image


Ya Gemeide interpretation of a new generation of active in the fashion city of the image of women, independent and confident self-confidence, and constantly accept new challenges, the pursuit of a changing life, have their own fashion proposition, her dress, ingenious to show the intellectual beauty of women , In the handsome revealed its true rate of personality, in the pretty more a bit cute, with capable, handsome, pretty image to show the new generation of women's fashion charm! Brand consumer groups located in 18-45 years old women, cotton, linen, chiffon, natural silk fabrics. In 2012, we will be new look, the attitude of professional focus for you in the garment industry to create an excellent service platform for the National blank area Merchants join !

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Pretty Vintage White Cotton Ruffle Gloves

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